Why Homeowners and Businesses are now rushing to install Solar Panels

Morrison Sustainable Energy

Why? Well…

Upfront costs are reducing and the savings on energy bills are becoming more and more significant.

Time to switch

It’s now an ideal time to switch to Morrison Sustainable Energy Solar Panels on the roof of your Home or Business.

What’s happening?

• The up-front cost of solar panels has fallen by over 30% since 2014
• Solar panels can slash your energy bills by hundreds of pounds per year
• Project Solar is helping Brits take advantage of these savings
• Many Brits don’t realise that they could cut their energy bills with solar panels

Even in Britain’s sometimes gloomy weather, modern solar technology can still help you make significant savings on your energy bills.

Better yet, installation costs have come down more than 30% in the past few years.

There’s never been a better time to install solar panels.

Make some enquiries today and we will tell you how much you could potentially save per annum…


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