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Free energy from wind power

The compact vertical axis wind turbine can generate up to 600 Watts of energy every hour. The wind turbine works from wind force 1+ and makes peak power at just 5 m/s.

That makes it a truly innovative solution that provides you with green-free electricity day and night.

Batteries can be used in conjunction with this product for energy storage. This energy can then be used during high-peak usage to power any household appliance.

What is a Wind Turbine?

The wind turbine is a simple vertical turbine that anyone can use to generate power for large and small-scale use.

The wind generator consists of various wind panels made of polyester.

Due to the use of this lightweight and robust material, the turbine is virtually maintenance-free and does not attract dirt or dust.

You can track exactly how much power your wind turbine generates via the installed meter or we can integrate a smart meter and app.

What about the vertical axis wind turbine in combination with solar panels?

Do you want a total solution for green electricity? Then choose a wind turbine in combination with solar panels and battery storage.

We can integrate the turbine, PV, and battery for one complete energy solution.

That way you can generate your own energy both day and at night. With solar panels, you generate solar energy during daylight hours and you have a lot of yield during the spring and summer months.

By integrating a wind turbine, you also generate energy at night and in the winter months. This way you can provide for your energy needs even in the months when the sun doesn’t shine.

The addition of a battery storage device will also allow you to get more use from the combination of solar PV and wind turbines.

A wind turbine is a good addition to solar panels if you have insufficient roof space or if your roof is north-facing or in a very heavy shade.

The combination of a typical solar PV system and the vertical axis wind turbine could easily generate over 8,000 Kwh a year without the need to obtain permission for grid connection.

Last year was Britain’s greenest yet, with renewables generating more power than fossil fuels for the first time according to a new report from Drax Electric Insights.

Solar and wind-generated 30% of the country’s energy demand in 2020, increasing by a sixth in 2019, to supply over 100 TWh of electricity.

*This follows a number of record-breaking achievements for renewables, including wind output hitting an instantaneous peak of over 17.4 GW according to the report, wind delivering a quarter of Britain’s electricity across the year, and the first-ever coal-free Christmas, with strong renewables keeping the fossil-fuel off the grid on Christmas for the first time since the electricity age began in the 1880s.

>> Read the full report here

The Morrison Wind Turbine features:

  • Low wind speed is required to start up
  • Generates most energy from wind speeds of just 5 meters per second
  • Panel size just 1.5m high and 0.7m wide
  • 4,000+ Kwh per year
  • Stunning design
  • Vertical axis wind turbine for compact installation
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Integrates with Solar and Battery storage
  • Generates power when solar panels do not
  • Generate your own clean green energy 24 hours a day
  • Quality design, construction, and installation with a 15-year warranty
  • Wind delivered 1/4 of the nation’s electricity in 2020*


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