Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms

Morrison Eco Cabins & Garden Rooms

Our extensive range of luxury Morrison Eco Cabins and Garden Rooms can suit every taste and budget

Morrison Eco Cabins & Garden Rooms; with house prices increasing and many of us making or being asked to make the change to work more often from home or set up our own businesses there – many of us are looking for more space, whether that’s by adding to or making better use of the space we already have.

Whether you want a snug space to switch off and kick-back, or are in desperate need of a little R&R away from distractions – Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms can help you achieve your vision.

Our extensive range of luxury and bespoke contemporary cabins and garden rooms can suit every taste and budget. Each of our luxury cabins and garden rooms is designed and built around you and the space you have available.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary garden studio, craft or sewing room, garden gym, man cave or simply just somewhere to enjoy some much-needed downtime, then Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms can make your vision a reality and create the contemporary garden room of your dreams.

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Why choose a Morrison Eco Cabin or Garden Room?


Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms

Because of our philosophy & vision

Covering a wide variety of areas in and around Kent and the South East counties; we pride ourselves on our key values: Delivering only the highest professional standards in craftsmanship; a luxury, high-end, innovative product; a fair and transparent service, and a focus on utmost satisfaction at all times.

Because of our commitment to quality & craftsmanship

We offer rapid responses to every enquiry and provide all our clients with a considered choice of luxury garden rooms to suit their needs. What’s more, we continually review and research our cabins/garden rooms’ product range to ensure we only ever offer product solutions that we’re completely proud of.

Not to mention…

Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms

Our 20+ years of combined experience in the Home Improvement Industry. With your garden room in such a safe pair of hands, the question really is –

Why wouldn’t you choose Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms?

Not all Cabins / Garden Rooms are made equal

Here at Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms, we believe our range is unlike many others. Not only because of the way they’re designed and constructed but because of their outstanding quality and craftsmanship.

Choose Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms and we can guarantee:

All the luxury cabins/garden rooms in the Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms range are constructed using steel frames – giving your room a far superior build in comparison to many others, which typically use timber frames.

Only the finest level of craftsmanship – with all installations undertaken by our own team, and carried out in strict accordance with the recommended product manufacturer guidelines, as well as industry statutory guidelines and regulations.

That our installation teams have a wealth of experience within the industry – taking pride in the details others often overlook, to ensure we deliver a finished product that’s nothing less than perfection.

Design experts that are local to you – with an in-depth knowledge of the local area and the very best options to suit your space and your style.

To work closely with you to meet even your most exacting cabin/garden Room needs – and deliver the final result you dreamt of and your home the bonus of added standout.

How we work

Here at Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms – we’re passionate and committed to ensuring that every step of the process is straightforward, fun, exciting and worry-free.

Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms


From the very first point, you commission your dream build, and following your home survey, your Morrison Eco Cabin / Garden Room will be manufactured and assembled to order in East Anglia.

Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms

Lifetime guarantee

Every one of our expertly designed Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms will be made-to-measure to fit your home seamlessly.

We’re so confident in our products, in fact, that we also offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all installations completed. And of course, should you be anything other than completely happy about our products or the service you receive, our service team is always on hand to resolve your worries as soon as possible.

Why do we build our Cabins / Garden Rooms in steel?

Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms

There is a reason why the first use of steel in building frameworks was for skyscrapers in 1883, and to this day that has not changed! Steel-framed cabins/garden rooms will also not crack, warp, twist, rot, split or settle. Currently, steel compromises around 75% of all major appliances, and for good reason too! One of the biggest benefits of using steel is the low carbon footprint it produces.

The recycling of steel in the UK saves enough energy to power around 18 million houses for an entire year, and surprisingly, is recycled more than any other product, including paper, plastic and glass. One of the main reasons that steel is so widely recycled is that it can be repeatedly recycled without any loss of strength.

Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms

Steel Vs timber:

• Steel is one of the strongest materials used in the industry and is much stronger than timber
• Steel will not burn in a fire as a timber-framed building will
• Steel does not rot or allow moisture to sink in, so you won’t have any unexpected guests!
• Our system allows us to install better insulation, meaning we can fully soundproof your rooms
• Light gauge construction steel
• Highest weight resistance ratio
• Accuracy to within 0.5mm
• A more sustainable method for cabin/garden buildings
• Nothing to rot or encumber any infestation of woodworm
• All frames are made from galvanised steel
• Significant time saving on-site with steel being delivered to size

Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms

Green credentials:

• Steel & glass are the most recyclable products in the world
• The Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms footings are made from recycled materials and we use these on all projects– instead of concrete which holds the least
• Recyclable properties
• Our EPDM roof materials are endorsed by Green Peace
• All of our rooms are made from 60% recycled steel
• All of our steel materials are fully recyclable

The Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms Difference

When it comes to luxury, here at Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms, we understand that enjoying the very best isn’t just about loving the final product that’s delivered to you. It’s about ensuring that every stage of the journey, from concept to completion and beyond, is nothing short of exemplary.

We believe this so much, that we created the Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms Difference – a promise of quality, a manifesto for outstanding craftsmanship, and a guarantee of our commitment to service.

Ready for a quote or informal chat? – Call our friendly professional team on 01795 505 537

Rather give us some notes about your vision. – Get your wishlist down by putting pixel to paper and send us an E-mail using our contact form.

The Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms Difference, means we guarantee:

• Quick, responsive and fair service – offering free, no-obligation quotations to all our clients within 24 hours of receiving an enquiry
• 100% British craftsmanship – manufactured in Essex, your room is British throughout
• Commitment to ongoing Client support – Fast and efficient assistance whenever you need it
• High standards of service, professionalism & craftsmanship – with our installations carried out to regulatory, industry and manufacturer standards
• Steel frame construction – delivering a far more superior frame that never rots, weathers or deteriorates over the years
• Use all year round – all our rooms come with triple-layer insulation, making them ideal for all-year-round use
• Fire safe – due to the steel construction, all our rooms comply with fireproofing regulations
• A superior finish – with steel construction, all our rooms come completely plastered and finished as standard
• A potential home-value boost – with Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms often favoured as extensions, they can often have the potential to add value to your home due to the excellent standard of craftsmanship
• A Price match guarantee – we’ll not only match but beat any like-for-like quotation from another supplier
• We cater to all sizes – Unlike timber constructions, steel-constructed cabins/garden rooms are not limited by any size requirements under housing regulations

Our Price Match Guarantee:

With a company that prides itself on the quality of products and outstanding service, it stands to reason that we only want to offer our clients the very best value for money and peace of mind. For that reason, our Price Match Guarantee means that, if within 7 days of receiving our quotation, you find a cheaper like-for-like quotation, we’ll not only match it, we’ll beat it!

How our Price Match Guarantee works:

Our price-match service is only valid on products with the same factors, design, colour, size, specification, installation and warranty and must be verified by visual verification and comparison by one of our representatives within 7 days of the date of our quotation.

To claim our lowest price guarantee:

Show your lower-priced current quote to our Company representative during your appointment or, send us a copy of your quote to the address below. Please note:

• The competing quotation needs to be presented on official Company letterhead clearly stating the Company name, contact information and applicable registration numbers
• Include copies of the competing offer and specification of the competing product with your claim
• We need to receive your claim within 7 days of the date of our quotation
• We can only accept one claim per customer per order
• We will then make a final decision on whether the competitor’s product matches the features offered by Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms

Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms

Our Process

Everything about the way we design and build every one of our Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms has been designed around our customers’ exacting wishes and requirements. So as you’d expect, we want the process of working with us to be straightforward and hassle-free, too.

Thankfully, we’ve broken down the whole process from start to finish, into 5 simple steps:

Our Process – easy and built around you

The Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms Process:

Step 1

Contact our friendly client services team to arrange your hassle-free, no-obligation home visit and quotation. Our knowledgeable representative will discuss your requirements and answer any queries you have. They will help you to design and picture your cabin/garden room and arrange your personalised quotation along with explaining our terms and conditions.

Step 2

Upon acceptance of your quotation, our representative will complete your order and arrange an installation date, at this stage we will request an initial deposit.
Your order will be passed to our client services administration team who processes your order. You will receive written confirmation of the order within 3-5 days.

Step 3

You will be contacted by a member of our client services team prior to the installation to confirm the arrangements and timescale for installation they will also check if you have any queries prior to installation. The installation team arrives to begin construction of your cabin/garden room, prior to beginning they will run through the design and process with you to ensure it is expected.

Step 4

Following the completion of the installation, we’ll provide a thorough demonstration and explain any maintenance guidelines. You’ll then be offered the chance to inspect the work completed to provide your final sign-off.

Step 5

Sit back and enjoy your new luxury cabin/garden room. You will receive a copy of your paid invoice and full “handover pack” within 7-10days following completion of the installation. Our client services team is on hand for any queries thereafter.

Our payment schedules:

We like to think we can provide everyone with their dream cabin/garden room and so we will work with you to find the best suitable payment options.

Typically, our clients fund their cabin/garden room by using savings, and credit cards, or by arranging finance / re-mortgage agreements.

Usually, we operate a staged payment schedule that is spread across the build process.

This works as follows:

Deposit payment – An initial payment is paid upon acceptance of the order.

Stage 1 payment – This payment will be requested upon completion of the groundwork.

Stage 2 payment – This payment will be requested upon the arrival of the materials and installation teams prior to beginning construction.

Final balance – The remaining balance is to be paid upon completion and sign-off from you that you are delighted with the work completed.

Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms


When it comes to deciding what your new Morrison Eco Cabin / Garden Room could be used for, the world really is your oyster.
You may, of course, already have something in mind, or you may be open to ideas. Check out some many popular uses below, as well as our Inspiration Gallery of completed Morrison Eco Cabins / Garden Rooms projects:

Popular uses include:

• Hair / Beauty Salon
• Yoga / Massage Studio / Photography Studio
• Home office

• Cabin / Garden Room Bar
• Home Cinema / Music Room
• Games Room / Man Cave

Home space:
• Crafts Room
• Art Room
• Annex
• Relaxation Room / Reading Room
• Garden Room

• Home Gym
• Sauna
• Yoga Room

• Classroom

Morrison Eco Cabins & Garden Rooms

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Financing options are available to assist you with the initial purchase and installation.
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