Who doesn’t want to do their bit to save the planet?

And, for an added boost to the planet and reduction in carbon dioxide…

Who doesn’t want to do their bit to save the planet?

 I have asked this question many times over the years. I have been passionate about reducing carbon in the atmosphere for what seems forever, but what is the best way to do this? It’s a fact that 40% of all emissions (*1) in the UK come from households. In the UK the average person’s carbon footprint is around 10 tonne (*2). Over a few years, this amounts to a huge amount of CO2 – adding to our planet’s woes!

So, what is the best way to do my bit to save the planet?

Well, one way is to plant a tree!
But whilst this is great for our environment, according to the Arbor Day Foundation, in one year a mature tree will absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. So, whilst planting trees is a great idea if we want to reduce our average of a 10-tonne footprint we need to look closer to home.

Our range of Morrison Sustainable Energy products could save up to 95% of your homes carbon emissions. This is not just great for our planet but great for your pocket too!

So, visit/explore www.morrisonsustainableenergy.co.uk and find out how you can save our planet and reduce your energy costs.

Winter Promotion

And, for an added boost to the planet and reduction in carbon dioxide…

…Morrison Sustainable Energy is running a special winter promotion!

For the next 3 months until the end of February 2021, we will donate 1 new tree sapling to the Countryfile TV programme for every new sale made during this period.

*1 (Sources: Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)
*2 (Sources: the Carbon Calculator)

Morrison Sustainable Energy, South East, Kent is the most specialist, most efficient in all Renewable, Green and Sustainable Energy Sources available for your Home and Business Properties.

Together we will Reduce CO2 Emissions, Repair the Environment, Eliminate Fuel Poverty whilst making Massive Savings on your Energy Bills!

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