Simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Making Sustainable Choices

Morrison Sustainable Energy is proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader, especially on a day like today; Making sustainable choices day – paving the way for a greener future…

Where our energy comes from and how we use it are big problems for the planet. Industry and individual action are required to reduce the impact.

Which? have always had reliability and efficiency at the heart of their product testing. But more recently, they’ve been stepping up their efforts to help consumers make choices that better serve them and the planet. To mark World Environment Day, they’ve pulled together their expert advice into one place. Also, listen to the Which? Investigates Podcast here

The new Which? Investigates podcast filters fact from fiction, and our first series shines a light on sustainability. Science journalist Greg Foot sets out to discover what genuinely reduces our environmental footprint.

Do you find it hard to know what you can do to make a difference? Read our supplement for information and ideas about how to make more environmentally-friendly decisions more easily. This can mean doing things like:
Fixing faults rather than replacing products
Appliance on the blink? We show you how to get your oven, fridge-freezer, or vacuum back to its best.
Choosing reusable products
From clingfilm to freezer bags – opt for alternatives to slash waste and save money.
Wasting less food
Every day the UK throws away a food mountain. Read 6 tips for reducing how much goes in your bin.
Cutting energy bills
Whether you’re working from home or back at the office, there are lots you can do to spend less.

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