Power your Home or Business Cheaper and Greener!

Morrison Sustainable Energy - Morrison Solar-assisted Hot Water System

Power your Home or Business Cheaper and Greener!

Morrison Sustainable Energy, South East, Solar-assisted Hot Water System – it’s a Power House of Renewable and Sustainable Technology that will actually Power your House and/or Business Premises, located in Kent.

This Kent based, Green Solution has the Power to Generate 100% of your Hot Water requirements both Day and Night and 365 days of the Year, whilst Saving you a Gargantuan Amount on your Energy Bills!


• Carbon Free

• Environmentally Friendly
• Efficient (even in the middle of winter)

• Lowers Energy Consumption
• A Third of the Cost to run than that of a Conventional Boiler

• Only One Moving Part
• 10 Year Warranty
• Which? Trusted Trader
• Featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs and voted; “Green Hero of the Month” in Kevin McCloud’s monthly magazine too

• You Need One in Your Home and/or Business Premises!

Be apart of the ChangeMission and Movement to Banish Carbon Fuel and Create a Sustainable Earth – search some of our completed, but non-exhaustive Projects:

• Period Properties
• Dairy Farms
• Holiday Cottages
• Coffee Shops/Franchises
• Butchers
• Holiday Parks

• Office Blocks
• Cafes
• Boutique Hotels
• Restaurants/Eateries

The Solar-assisted Hot Water System is a Renewable and Sustainable Solution suitable for not only the Domestic Homeowner but the Commercial Customer too. And, many Satisfied Investors in this Technology are now reaping its multiple Benefits; B&B’s, Hair Salons, Barbers, Spas, Restaurants, Builders, Architects, Developers, Interior Designers, Engineers, Plumbers, Roofers and the Housing Association alike.

Morrison Sustainable EnergyKentSouth EastSolar-assisted Hot Water System is the most specialist, most efficient in all Renewable and Sustainable Energy sources available for your Home and Business properties.

Together we will Reduce C02 Emissions, Repair the EnvironmentEliminate Fuel Poverty whilst making Massive Savings on your Energy Bills!

However, don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what our Solar-assisted Hot Water System customers are saying



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