Power Flushing; So here’s how it works…

Morrison Sustainable Energy - Advanced Eco Power Flush

How does a Power Flush work?

Morrison Sustainable Energy shows you how – see the process in action!

The customer had their last Power Flush 4 years ago – the results show that it was well worth repeating.

Morrison Advanced Eco Power Flush

Now is the ideal time to have a Morrison Advanced Eco Power Flush carried out in your home. Many people neglect their central heating systems right up until the point they turn them on again for the winter. It is then that they discover their radiators have ‘cold spots’ where sludge and debris lie, preventing heat from distributing evenly.

Power Flush Offer!

The summer months is the ideal time to act, preparing your radiators for efficient operation, come the winter months. Furthermore, Morrison Sustainable Energy is offering a special season discount of £350+VAT which will cover a domestic property with up to 12 radiators. This is incredibly good value, especially when you think of the money you will be saving just by having a central heating system that is running at its optimum performance!

What are the benefits of a Power Flush?

• Lower heating bills due to improved heating efficiency
• Quicker heat-up times
• Radiator cold spots are cured so that the full surface of the radiator heats your room
• Increases boiler and pump life
• Removing contaminants and extending central heating system lifespan
• Curing boiler noise

Talk to Morrison Sustainable Energy today about this special summertime offer.


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