Power Flushing improves your heating systems’ efficiency and reduces your energy bills

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Power Flushing

Q.) Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your boiler and/or heating system?

Q.) Have you considered a Power Flush or even regular Powerflushing of your heating system?

If you have answered; “yes” to one or both of the above questions, then you really need to read on

A Power Flush and/or regular Powerflushing from Morrison’s Sustainable Energy, Kent, South East, covering all areas such as Herne Bay, Whitstable, Faversham, Canterbury, Ashford and Maidstone, will undoubtedly increase the efficiency and operation of your existing and/or ageing heating system.

A Power Flush from Morrison’s Sustainable Energy guarantees to restore your system to optimum circulation – removing harmful sludge and unwanted debris collection.

In fact, a Power Flush from Morrison’s Sustainable Energy is often the inexpensive option and lesser impact cure for unevenly heating radiators.

With a Power Flush from Morrison’s Sustainable Energy, you really will be saying farewell to all those inefficient radiators – you know the ones, cold at the bottom and only warm at the top!

Prevention and maintenance are always key to ensuring a healthy, fully functioning heating system. Therefore, Morrison’s Sustainable Energy, South East, Kent, customers will always be encouraged to carry out a regular Power Flush or regularly scheduled Powerflushing – by doing so we have proven it’s possible to save a fortune on repairs, call-outs and even unwelcome breakdowns. Morrison’s Sustainable Energy, South East, Kent will always recommend Powerflushing when fitting any new boiler to an existent system – it’s important to remember to service the old when adding the new, especially if the two are to work in perfect efficiency with one another.


• A Power Flush is a High Velocity, yet Low-Pressure Process that improves the efficiency of your Heating System
• Powerflushing silences even the noisiest of boilers
• Powerflushing Restores Optimum Circulation and redistributes heat evenly
• A Power Flush Removes Sludge, Corrosion Deposits & Unwanted Debris
• A Power Flush will Improve heating Efficiency
• Powerflushing will save you money on energy bills
• Regular Powerflushing will prevent future system issues and prevent breakdowns

Morrison’s Sustainable Energy, South East, Kent is your specialist knowledge, skill and expertise for all your Power Flush and Powerflushing requirements.

A Power Flush from Morrison’s Sustainable Energy will improve your existing Heating System’s Efficiency, Restore its Optimum Operation and remove unwanted scale in pipes and radiators. Even one Power Flush to your existing system could result in a noticeable Saving on your next Energy Bill!

However, don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what Morrison Power Flushing customers are saying



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