Morrison Sustainable Energy begin to ramp up as a surge in wind turbines, solar and heat pumps is predicted

Morrison Sustainable Energy begin to ramp up as a surge in solar and heat pumps is predicted

Morrison Sustainable Energy is preparing to gear up as we go into the New Year, according to a recent survey that underlines the substantial opportunities in the wind, solar and heat pump sectors for installers. 60% of homeowners express intentions to invest in solar panels, with 26% contemplating the installation of a heat pump.

Additionally, 39% of respondents indicate familiarity with heat pump technology. Conducted by Censuswide, the survey involves 2011 homeowners across the UK, gauging their eco-consciousness and considerations for adopting renewable energy. The findings are optimistic for the industry, with over 1.3 million homes in the UK having solar panel installations, constituting 4.1% of the total 29 million homes. The distribution includes 35.1% detached, 31.1% semi-detached, 20.1% terraced, and 14% flats, demonstrating the broad appeal of solar solutions.

Key survey results include:

• Nearly two-thirds of homeowners anticipate installing solar panels
• 26% have contemplated heat pump installations
• The average expectation for solar panel installation is within the next 5 years and 5 months
• 71% of homeowners are concerned about the environmental impact of traditional energy sources
• 64% prioritise self-sufficiency in energy storage, rising to 80% for those aged 18-24
• 75% believe solar panels are a reliable energy source

Regarding factors influencing solar panel adoption:

• 56% cited reducing energy bills
• 32% mentioned government subsidies
• 27% valued generating their own energy
• 24% prioritised reducing their carbon footprint

Factors deterring adoption included:

• High upfront costs (70%)
• Reliability and maintenance concerns (24%)
• Limited knowledge about solar panels (23%)
• Limited space (18%)
• Perceived ugliness of panels (13%)

The survey underscores the substantial market potential, with growing public interest and awareness in both solar PV and heat pumps. Industry stakeholders, including installers, are encouraged to contribute to building consumer knowledge.

Morrison Sustainable Energy would like to offer some early reassurance:

• Cost can seem less of an issue with the right finance option in place. Morrison Sustainable Energy have contacts in place ready to advise and assist you
• All products come with a manufactures warranty and a 15 year fully comprehensive installers guarantee
• Morrison Sustainable Energy can provide you with detailed information on all products and services, answering all your queries
• After carrying out a site survey you will be surprised on the number of options available to you for locating and positioning your panels
• Ugliness is certainly subjective, but how often do we stare for any length of time up at our roof-tops? They might not be aesthetically pleasing to everyone but imagine how much prettier our planet will become if everyone put-off, managed to get over this potential eyesore

Talk with Morrison Sustainable Energy today and discover how you can save money year-on-year within your home or business as well as reduce your overall carbon footprint!

The above poll, commissioned by national plumbing, heating and renewables merchant City Plumbing and conducted by Censuswide.

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