Infrared Heating Panels – A Feature or Discrete, but definitely Efficient!

Morrison Sustainable Energy - Infrared Heating Panels

Infrared Heating Panels – A Feature or Discrete, but definitely Efficient!

Morrison Infrared Heating System, South East, is a Kent based, Clean, Green, Sustainable, Affordable, Heat Radiating, Energy Efficient form of Heating System suitable for both the Domestic/Homeowner and Small Business/Light Commercial Property.

Morrison Infrared Heating System offers a Heating System more Efficient than any other Space Heaters on the market – producing almost zero loss in Heat Transfer and at Low Cost too.

With a Morrison Infrared Heating System not only will you Reduce your Energy Bills, and Carbon Footprint, but you will experience the scientifically proven health benefits of Infrared also – as the human body gently absorbs the comfortable, Infrared Heat, the body’s blood circulation increases, enhancing the performance of the Immune System, Reducing Joint Pain and Inflammation.

The days of cold rooms, expensive underfloor Heating Systems and Conventional Boilers are gone.

Furthermore, combine the Morrison Infrared Heating System with any/all other of our Renewable and Sustainable Systems with ease and continue to Save the Big Bucks on all your Energy Bills.

Unlike conventional heating systems, the installation of a Morrison Infrared Heating System is low impact, minimal, unobtrusive and simply fitted to existing properties as well as complementary to that of new builds/constructions.

Morrison Infrared Heating System is stylish and slimline and suitable for wall or ceiling mounting.

In addition, the room heating panels can be diverse – either visually attractive and personalised, becoming a feature of the room, or the panels can be discrete in design, blending into the furniture or background of the room. The choice is yours!

Furthermore, the panels may serve a multi-function in the right setting. For example, the panels themselves may double-up as a mirror in a Hair/Beauty Salon, whilst a panel may also serve as a permanently de-misted bathroom mirror following a bath/shower too.


• Thermally Efficient – radiating heat
• Carbon Footprint Reducing
• Low Impact Install
• Reliable – no moving parts/minimal maintenance
• Quiet in Operation
• Highly Controllable
• Bill Reducing
• You Need a Morrison Infrared Heating System in your Home/Business!

Morrison Sustainable Energy, South East, Kent is the most specialist, most efficient in all Renewable and Sustainable Energy sources available for your Home and Business properties.

Together we will Reduce CO2 Emissions, Repair the Environment, Eliminate Fuel Poverty whilst making Massive Savings on your Energy Bills!

However, don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what our Morrison Infrared Heating System customers are saying



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