Infrared heating is a cost-effective way of heating your home or office space

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Infrared Heaters – what you need to know…

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The Benefits of Infrared Heating Panel Systems

Most heaters use convection to function, or gradually heat up the air surrounding them, circulating it until the room has reached the desired temperature. IR heaters, however, emit heat that warms you up immediately by creating a concentrated beam of warming light. With a heater like this, there is no progressive period; you can feel warm instantly. This is especially useful for times when you are sitting at your desk working or on the sofa watching television and would like the heat directly on you. Morrison Sustainable Energy explains the benefits to IR heating systems:-

  • Infrared heating is gentle and quiet – ideal for working and/or home environments
  • IR heaters emit concentrated heat
  • IR is proving to be a healthier option
  • IR is a friendlier choice toward the environment
  • IR is considered a safer option
  • IR is a low-maintenance option to keep it at optimal performance
  • IR is a cost-effective way of heating your home or office space
  • Thermally efficient at radiating heat
  • Carbon-footprint-reducing
  • Low impact installation
  • Reliable – no moving parts/minimal maintenance
  • Quiet in operation
  • Highly controllable
  • Bill-reducing – more money in your pocket!

Morrison Sustainable Energy, South East, Kent is the most specialist, most efficient in all Renewable and Sustainable Energy sources available for your Home and Business properties.

Together we will Reduce CO2 Emissions, Repair the Environment, Eliminate Fuel Poverty whilst making Massive Savings on your Energy Bills!

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