Hanwha Q Cells to offer its most powerful panels in Europe

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The South Korean PV manufacturers are bringing its three most powerful solar panels to Europe. All of them are based on its Q.antum Duo Z tech, which reduces the gaps between cells and drives up module efficiency by 4% in relative terms.


South Korea-based PV manufacturer Hanwha Q Cells said this week that it will soon start offering its three most powerful products in Europe.

The company that the three panels are all based on its Q.antum Duo Z technology, which it claims can improve module efficiency by 4%, in relative terms, primarily by reducing the spaces between cells.

The most powerful of the three modules, the Q.Peak Duo XL-G9.3, is available in five versions, with power outputs ranging from 440 W to 480 W and efficiencies of 19.7% to 20.6%, according to its product sheet. The panel’s short-circuit current is from 10.59 to 10.70 ampere and its open-circuit voltage from 53.1 and 52.25 volts. It measures 2,163 mm x — 1,030 mm x — 35 mm and weighs 25.5 kg.

In addition, the Q.Peak Duo XL-G9.3 can operate with a maximum system voltage of 1,500 V and an ambient operating temperature of -40 C to 85 C. The company claims the Q.Peak Duo XL-G9.3 is an ideal solution for commercial and industrial PV projects, as well as ground-mounted solar projects.

The Q.Peak Duo ML-G9 series, which the company recommends for residential and C&I rooftop projects, ranges from 375 W to 395 W and is also available in five variants. It has an efficiency rating of up to 20.8% and measures 1,840 mm x — 1,030 mm x — 32 mm. It weighs in at 19.5 kg.

The Q.Peak Duo ML-G9 lines short-circuit current is from 10.62 to 10.74 ampere and its open-circuit voltage from 44.96 and 45.10 volts. It can operate with a maximum system voltage of 1,000 V.

The Q.Peak Duo BLK-G9 line, meanwhile, offers power outputs ranging from 325 W to 345 W but is designed for residential PV projects. The module measures 1,673 mm x — 1,030 mm x — 32 mm and weighs 17.5 kg, with efficiencies ranging from 18.9% to 20.0%. It can also operate with a maximum system voltage of 1,000 V. Its short-circuit current ranges from 10.36 to 10.49 ampere and its open-circuit voltage is 40.80 V to 40.94 V.

All three product lines include 12-year product warranties and 25-year linear performance guarantees. In addition, they all feature MC4-compatible connectors and junction boxes with an IP 68 rating.

“Additional innovations featured in the Q.antum Duo Z range include using 12 rounded wires to connect the cells, and also bigger wafers measuring 161.7 mm in dimension,” Hanwha Q Cells said.

The Q.Peak Duo XL-G9 module.

Image: Hanwha Q Cells.

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