Advantages of an Advanced Eco Power Flush

Morrison Sustainable Energy - Advanced Eco Power Flush

Advantages of a Morrison Advanced Eco Power Flush

The blue region on the image above indicates little-no heat output from your radiator. Morrison Sustainable Energy has the equipment to be able to check your radiators and the equipment to remedy this situation so you have evenly distributed heat output from your central heating.

What are the benefits of Powerflush?

Morrison Sustainable Energy performs power flushing across Kent on an almost daily basis. People are coming to realise the immediate benefits of having their central heating power flushed, wishing they’d done it a lot sooner as the savings can be astonishing.

What with the colder months upon us it is now time to ‘up’ the warmth by improving the heating efficiency throughout your home or workplace.

• Lower heating bills due to improved heating efficiency.
• Quicker heat up times.
• Radiator cold spots are cured so that the full surface of the radiator heats your room.
• Increases boiler and pump life.
• Removing contaminants and extending central heating system lifespan.
• Curing boiler noise.

Talk to Morrison Sustainable Energy today and take the first step toward a cosier home this winter…


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