A crucial bit of kit for any clinic or salon environment: review from a local Day Spa owner

Morrison Sustainable Energy - Virus & Bacteria Eliminator

“Morrison Virus and Bacteria Eliminator.

Wow! What cutting edge, state of the art, user-friendly, effective and much-needed technology – perfect for daily use in our new world.

The Ozone 3 Virus and Bacteria Eliminator by Morrison Sustainable Energy is a ‘MUST’ purchase for 2020 and inevitably for the foreseeable future given the arrival of Coronavirus…

…Having thoroughly sought the existence of such technology, and having asked a multiple of questions (which were patiently answered and even welcomed by the Morrison’s team), it soon became apparent that an Ozone 3 Virus and Bacteria Eliminator was the very health beneficial investment I was eagerly seeking.

Unlike an orthodox fogging machine, an Ozone 3 Virus and Bacteria Eliminator functions without the need for any environmentally damaging chemicals – something that was personally important to avoid and, therefore, a deal-breaker.

In fact, the output from an Ozone 3 Virus and Bacteria Eliminator contributes toward repairing the damage to our broken Ozone layer – albeit tiny, but every little helps, right?

Furthermore, it is so very simple to operate with absolutely no set up required!

A completed cycle results in thorough sterilisation and sanitation, leaving the treated area/room absolutely residue free and fully disinfected in minimal time, and with minimal fuss – again something so very crucial to its role within my business industry; spa, beauty and holistic health.

Possessing an Ozone 3 Virus and Bacteria Eliminator really does provide me, the business owner with greater confidence and reassurance in continually ensuring the safety of both my team and clients at all times.

In addition, the Ozone 3 Virus and Bacteria Eliminator is surprisingly lightweight and easily portable – its simple design is operated with only one ‘on/off’ switch and one accompanying viable timer dial.

The Ozone 3 Virus and Bacteria Eliminator’s purpose and functionality within my industry have been phenomenal, each passing working day it continues to prove itself both a valuable and worthy buy.

Upon every completed Ozone 3 Virus and Bacteria Eliminator cycle the newly cleansed environment is quite obviously different – the air is noticeably pure and is softly scented with a subtle, yet new-found freshness. It’s utterly gorgeous! And, a highly recommended investment.

Joanna Jones – Sheldon Spa, Sheldwich, Faversham, Kent.”


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