Morrison Sustainable Energy Product Range

Morrison Wind Turbine

  • Low wind speed required to start up
  • Energy from wind speeds of just 5 mps
  • Panel: 1.5m high and 0.7m wide
  • 4,000+ Kwh per year
  • Stunning design

Morrison Domestic Hot Water System

  • Reduces energy use by up to 60%
  • Smart controller design with 3 operating modes. Touch panel
  • Possibility of dehumidifying and refreshing ambient air
  • Extracts heat from sun, rain and air
  • Aluminium condenser fitted around the tank

Morrison Solar Assisted Hot Water System

  • ⅓ of the cost to run than conventional boiler
  • Carbon-free solution for the environment
  • EPC rises and therefore the value of your property rises
  • Only one moving part for ease of maintenance
  • Fully backed Morrison / Which? Trusted trader warrenty

Morrison Climate Air Conditioning

  • Reduces power consumption with ‘Eco’ mode and ‘Gear’ mode
  • ‘Wind avoid me’ mode adjusts air flow direction to stop breeze
  • Breathe in clean air. ‘i-clean’ function eliminates 99% of bacteria
  • Indoor / outdoor units have a 'Silent' Mode function
  • Control from your smartphone with WiFi connection

Morrison Mobile Hot Water System

  • Eco-Friendly Mobile Hot Water System
  • Available with 300 litre and 500 litre cylinders
  • Delivered and installed by qualified engineers
  • Prices include, Delivery, Installation and Collection
  • Portable or fixed on site

Morrison Solar PV Panels & Batteries

  • Free energy direct from daylight (sun helps with brightness)
  • Approx. 19p saved and 4p earned per K/W of energy consumed
  • Energy from the battery can be utilised elsewhere in the home
  • Quick installation by a qualified team member
  • Significantly reduces your carbon footprint

Morrison Infrared Heating

  • Save up to ⅓ on energy bills
  • Sleek design eaves you with more space in the home
  • Modern look with ambient visual effects
  • 360° heating action making it escape proof
  • EPC rises and therefore the value of your property rises

Morrison Advanced Eco Power Flushing

  • Removes debris to improve efficiency and therefore save money
  • Removes debris from your radiator tank in your loft
  • Eradicate annoying noises caused by sludge / corrosion
  • Enjoy consistent warmth throughout your home
  • Morrison certificated - helpful if selling your home

Morrison Virus Bacteria Eliminator

  • A natural process; does not release waste products
  • Eliminates bacteria, viruses, mites, fungi and moulds
  • Destroys odours present in the treatment area
  • Easy to use - compact and lightweight
  • Fully functional; timers and indicators

Morrison Eco Cabins & Garden Rooms

  • Eco / Sustainable Garden Gabin
  • Eco / Sustainable Garden Room
  • Eco / Sustainable Home Cinema
  • Eco / Sustainable Music Room
  • Eco / Sustainable Games Room

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