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Morrison Sustainable Energy products are used in a broad variety of environments, from houses to cafes and farms to industries in general; they’ve even appeared on an episode of Channel 4’s Grand Designs.

We offer a 10-year warranty on all our sustainable energy products backed by the Independent Warranty Association, IWA. We have been a Which? Trusted trader and member of Check-a-trade for over 4 years.

Our mission is to banish carbon and save you money in the process. But we can only achieve this by working together. If you want to make the leap to a 100% carbon-free home or premises, you’ll need to embrace a variety of Morrison’s Sustainable Energy solutions.

Morrison Sustainable Energy Product Range

Morrison Wind Turbine

  • Low wind speed required to start up
  • Energy from wind speeds of just 5 mps
  • Panel: 1.5m high and 0.7m wide
  • 4,000+ Kwh per year
  • Stunning design

Morrison Domestic Hot Water System

  • Reduces energy use by up to 60%
  • Smart controller design with 3 operating modes. Touch panel
  • Possibility of dehumidifying and refreshing ambient air
  • Extracts heat from sun, rain and air
  • Aluminium condenser fitted around the tank

Morrison Solar Assisted Hot Water System

  • ⅓ of the cost to run than conventional boiler
  • Carbon-free solution for the environment
  • EPC rises and therefore the value of your property rises
  • Only one moving part for ease of maintenance
  • Fully backed Morrison / Which? Trusted trader warrenty

Morrison Climate Air Conditioning

  • Reduces power consumption with ‘Eco’ mode and ‘Gear’ mode
  • ‘Wind avoid me’ mode adjusts air flow direction to stop breeze
  • Breathe in clean air. ‘i-clean’ function eliminates 99% of bacteria
  • Indoor / outdoor units have a 'Silent' Mode function
  • Control from your smartphone with WiFi connection

Morrison Mobile Hot Water System

  • Eco-Friendly Mobile Hot Water System
  • Available with 300 litre and 500 litre cylinders
  • Delivered and installed by qualified engineers
  • Prices include, Delivery, Installation and Collection
  • Portable or fixed on site

Morrison Solar PV Panels & Batteries

  • Free energy direct from daylight (sun helps with brightness)
  • Approx. 19p saved and 4p earned per K/W of energy consumed
  • Energy from the battery can be utilised elsewhere in the home
  • Quick installation by a qualified team member
  • Significantly reduces your carbon footprint

Morrison Infrared Heating

  • Save up to ⅓ on energy bills
  • Sleek design eaves you with more space in the home
  • Modern look with ambient visual effects
  • 360° heating action making it escape proof
  • EPC rises and therefore the value of your property rises

Morrison Advanced Eco Power Flushing

  • Removes debris to improve efficiency and therefore save money
  • Removes debris from your radiator tank in your loft
  • Eradicate annoying noises caused by sludge / corrosion
  • Enjoy consistent warmth throughout your home
  • Morrison certificated - helpful if selling your home

Morrison Virus Bacteria Eliminator

  • A natural process; does not release waste products
  • Eliminates bacteria, viruses, mites, fungi and moulds
  • Destroys odours present in the treatment area
  • Easy to use - compact and lightweight
  • Fully functional; timers and indicators

Morrison Eco Cabins & Garden Rooms

  • Eco / Sustainable Garden Gabin
  • Eco / Sustainable Garden Room
  • Eco / Sustainable Home Cinema
  • Eco / Sustainable Music Room
  • Eco / Sustainable Games Room

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We're a Which? Trusted trader

Morrison Sustainable Energy has been rigorously interviewed, assessed and vetted, of which ‘customer satisfaction’ was essential criteria. Not every business meets these high standards but we did. The Which? Trusted Trader logo is a sign of reputation and trust; helping consumers choose the right trader for them. If you would like to know more from us then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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